About FENIX 2.0

The FENIX Network project consortium is now in full preparation for its sequel FENIX2.0, a joint initiative to set and maintain FENIX specifications in order to allow platforms to share data, including cross-border harmonisation and interoperability.

FENIX2.0 is a non-profit organisation being a federative network of platforms. It federates companies, helping them to adapt their IT platforms in order to enable data sharing in the form of digital corridor information systems serving the European logistics community

FENIX2.0 wants to put futureproof transport and logistics in action:

  • Setting up a hands-on association of members.
  • Becoming front-row players in cross-border logistics data exchange and standardised data interoperability.

FENIX 2.0: secure, safe, trusted

FENIX2.0 ensures a secure ecosystem of data providers and data consumers for optimal transport decisions within a safe framework to connect plug-and-play systems. It also guarantees trusted peer-to-peer solutions: decentralised, independent, all members have the same rights and obligations, all members keep control of their own platforms.

4 good reasons to join Fenix2.0

  1. Your needs and requirements are the top priority in addressing innovative approaches in transport logistics.
  2. You can ventilate suggestions, remarks and ideas to legislative authorities to be taken into account for better transport logistics
  3. You can be a leader and pioneer in speeding up seamless data sharing and stopping the fragmentation and lack of connectivity around ICT-based systems for logistics decision-making.
  4. You can get help with raising funds for projects and you can count on training and technical support for connectivity: think of technical maintenance of the connectivity framework, standardisation and interoperability support, impact monitoring, certification, and access to the most up-to-date knowledge base.

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