Smart, green and integrated transport was the theme of FENIX coordinator’s presentation at the 6th Conference “Digital Industry of Industrial Russia”, which took place between 23 and 25 June. In this occasion, FENIX was presented as the paradigm for the first European federated architecture for data sharing serving the European logistics community of shippers, logistics service providers, mobility infrastructure providers, cities and authorities.

One of the main challenges that the Transport & Logistics industry is facing nowadays is to reconcile the growing mobility needs with improved transport fluidity through innovative solutions for seamless, intermodal, inclusive, accessible, affordable, safe, secure, healthy and robust transport systems. High costs, administrative burdens, poor time management and polluting practices are just few of the issues that this industry is facing, but new technologies, such as the digitalisation of logistics chains, truck automation, 5G, IoT and block chain are available solutions to overcome these challenges.

The European-funded project FENIX works to overcome such barriers with the use of such technologies, creating a viable and valid federative network of platforms to enable Business to Administration (B2A) and Business to Business (B2B) data exchange and sharing by transport and logistics operators.

“With its nine pilot sites across Europe, FENIX is testing interoperability capabilities to ultimately set up a European corridor community building programme that will make the Transport & Logistics sector more convenient and green”, said Dr Nikolaos Tsampieris, ERTICO Senior Manager representing FENIX at this event. “FENIX is a flagship project, as it aims to interconnect existing different digital platforms and harmonise services, create a common protocol to support data sharing services and ultimately overcome today’s fragmentation and lack of connectivity around ICT-based systems for logistics decision making by offering a public and neutral open-solution”, he concluded.

FENIX was highlighted as the paradigm for a Federated Network of Information exchange in Future Logistics and has been participating in the activities of the EaP (Eastern Partnership) through the EU4Digital Project, which aims to extend the benefits of the EU Digital Single to the Eastern Partnership states.

“Collaboration is an extremely important aspect when it comes to creating an integrated and open-ended transport system, so we are glad to be working closely together with our Russian colleagues to make transport and logistics smarter, greener and more interconnected”, concluded Dr. Tzampieris.