During the Logistics Supply Chain International Expo 2021 which was held between 2-4 October 2021, Director of GS1 Association Greece Dr. George Sarantavgas and Manos Papadakis presented the advantages of standards and interoperability in two different sessions and presented the FENIX Project. Dr. Georgia Ayfantopoulou from CERTH and Dr. Angelos Amditis from ERTICO attended the talks virtually.

During the talks, when the references to FENIX Project were made, it was unanimously agreed that FENIX Network is a perfect example of facing supply chain challenges and how standards can solve them to achieve interoperability as what FENIX is trying to achieve is to demonstrate that collaboration is the way to identify gaps and solve them.

Additionally, FENIX project was displayed at the GS1 Stand at the Expo where visitors who were interested to find out more about the project came over to learn about the FENIX Network.

On Saturday October 3rd at 17:30, Dr. Sarantavgas presented the project during the “Greek Port System: The next day” session. At the same time, Manos Papadakis was part of the Round Table 2 in discussing “Digitalization, IT, new technologies: From city logistics to international transportation, the development path passes through new technologies”.

Round Tables 2 Digitalization, Informatics, new technologies: From City Logistics to International Transportation the growth path is based on technology, and 3 Collaboration is necessary in logistics, how can we achieve it? were held as part of the LOGI.C hybrid conference within the exhibition under the auspices of the Hellenic Institute for Logistics Management (ILME) in Greece.

Please click here to watch the presentations available in Greek.