FENIX Featured on Online Programme on Freight Transport and Logistics

On December 22, Dr. Georgia Ayfantopoulou, Research Director – representing the FENIX consortium partner CERTH/HIT, gave an interview about FENIX to LOGI-Talk, an online programme about freight transport and logistics that is broadcast by Tpress Web TV–an online TV channel in Greece.

During the interview, questions such as “How can intelligent transport systems boost logistics?”, “What exactly will be applied on pilot sites in Greece and the 8 other European countries in the coming months in terms of information exchange in digitized form?”, and “What will be the overall benefits of implementing the federation?” were discussed. These questions found their answers with examples from the Greek pilot site.

After Dr. Ayfantopoulou, George Sarantavgas from consortium partner GS1 Greece and Tasos Vamvakidis from consortium partner PCT also presented the project during the episode titled “FENIX: The European logistics information exchange network is coming”.

Dr. Ayfantapoulou stated, “It is crucial to “undo” the fragmentation of information that currently exists in the field of freight transport and logistics. FENIX aims to do just that, to enable various processes, modes and systems to communicate directly and exchange information seamlessly”.

The broadcast is available in Greek on this link.