Collaboration and interoperability have been the motto of the first FENIX Technical Workshop “Standardisation & Interoperability” on 29th of November at GS1 Germany in Cologne. The starting point has been made to identify a common understanding of standards and interoperability within the FENIX Consortium.

Representatives of all pilot sites have discussed what kind of value  standards might provide in FENIX?​ There have been two main pillars identified: Standardisation is needed in terms of data exchange and as well as in terms of common definitions of for example, locations or estimated time of arrival: “Where has the truck driver to be at this time? At the gatekeeper, the parking position, or the ramp? 

All 30 participants agreed on the need for a common language as a basis for interoperable data exchange across all corridors, pilots, and countries. It has to be assumed that only a standardised communication between all IT systems and platforms may enable building a federated architecture.

And what was the common understanding of interoperability? ​It seems as if the willingness of companies to share data is the first step to more interoperability in transport and logistics in Europe. Coming back to our mission: Without collaboration there is no interoperability, and, without interoperablitiy there is no collaboration possible.