GS1, FENIX partner which focuses on business communication standards, is organising their annual GS1 Global Forum to advance GS1 global strategy, to inspire innovation and to strengthen GS1 staff around the world. The event is taking place on 17-20 February in Brussels, Belgium.

The GS1 Global Forum is exclusively reserved for GS1 Member Organisations’ staff, board members and invited guests from partnering organisations and sponsors.
FENIX project will be presented by GS1 partners Sandra Wagner and Jaco Voorspuij on two occasions during the 4-day programme.
First presentation will take place on Monday 17 February during the session GS1 in Maritime and Ports – Closing the traceability gap for shippers and receivers which will focus on way GS1 standards are implemented in maritime supply chains.
Second presentation will take place on last day of the Forum, Thursday 20 February within session GS1 services for digital world. The session will docus on trusted reliable data provided by GLN and SSCC-based registry services, Slot Booking and Tracking Services. Strategis initiatives including FENIX will present best practices.