FENIX joined over 4,000 industry professionals, members of the Government and of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, as well as heads of Russian foreign ministries and departments, regions and scholars in one of Russia’s leading events in transport: Russian Transport Week.

One of the key topics discussed was the transport and logistics revolution through digitalisation, a field where FENIX is a leading example. The growing demand of online goods generated by the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted the transport and logistics sector, where the digitalisation of logistics has proven to be key to a sector in constant change.

“As a European Federated Network of Information exchange in Future Logistics, FENIX is a prime example of the digital revolution that the Transport & Logistics Industry is currently undergoing. When fully implemented, FENIX could form the basis of a supranational digital ecosystem boosting the global competitiveness of the participating entities.”, said Nikolaos Tsampieris from ERTICO, presenting FENIX at the event.

And indeed, the conference confirmed that development of digital transport and logistics platforms is a stable trend in the states of Southeast Asia and the European Union. Supranational digital ecosystems are being formed, creating conditions for the global competitiveness of their participants.

“The changes we’ve all experienced this year in the transport and logistics sector have proven that FENIX’ work is paving the way for further development of the digital ways of transporting goods and people. We are on the right track to set a trend.”, concluded Nikolaos Tsampieris.