The DTLF (Digital Transport and Logistics Forum) is the point of reference involving all relevant stakeholders to build the final freight transport and logistics digitalisation architecture and data space for Europe and beyond. This month, FENIX Coordinator and ERTICO Senior Manager Eusebiu Catana has atended the DTLF Plenary to present the FENIX’ latest developments.

From the meeting it was clear that further discussions need to be carried out about data governance, processes and scope regarding the FENIX-proposed architecture in DTLF SG2, as well as the FENIX connectors for the federation of platforms.

 “Digitalisation has already structurally initiated a transformation in the way in which freight transport and logistics will operate. FENIX considers the Digital Transformation as a key business driver that will accelerate and make the digitisation affordable and further facilitate the global trade, sustainably reducing poverty. Any type of stakeholder coming from different transport and logistics communities – from both the private and the public sector -, adopting digital transformation approaches and enhancing the access to information – favours the decision making and is more successful”.

The European Commission underlined the importance of the progress made by FENIX and expressed particular interest on the report presented to support the DTLF team activities.