Pilot Site Italy 2 – Dynamic Synchromodal Logistics 

On 30 March, Italy 2 Pilot Site will hold a final event in Malpensa.

The event will focus on the pilot managed by SEA (Dynamic Synchromodal Logistics – The Italian Rhine Alpine Pilot site – Italy 2).

The Pilot Site obtained remarkable results during the FENIX project, which led to the adoption of a new operating procedure by the Customs, for example. The outcomes of the FENIX project will be presented as a best practice that generate benefits for all players in the cargo supply chain (freight agents, ground handlers, carriers, ADM, airport managers, etc.). The purpose is to offer guidelines and best practices that can be replicated in contexts similar to Malpensa.  Assareoporti, the Italian airports association, supports this initiative.

The agenda has just been published. Check it here!