Pilot site Austria

Customs corridor -Fürnitz Pilot site (South Austria)


The section Villach/Fürnitz – Udine – Trieste on the Baltic Adriatic corridor is of major importance, as it provides the link between maritime shipments and European supply chains, aiming at an improved modal split by taking advantage of rail freight services and reducing emissions in the freight transport sector. The terminal in Villach/Fürnitz is the major intermodal node in the south Austrian region, perfectly connecting the Baltic Adriatic corridor with other major traffic routes and serving as hub for industrial regions in catchment area and the urban areas of Villach and Klagenfurt. The port of Trieste serves as a filling point for this section, especially regarding intermodal shipments, and the prognosis is still predicting enormous growing rates and transport potential. Dry port services, B2B and B2A applications like the shift of customs procedures can be implemented, based on the availability of necessary IT platforms and interconnections of systems. Available innovative IT services and platforms shall in this case guarantee higher efficiency of infrastructure usage and better integration and linking of nodes along corridors.

As pilot study the implementation of a customs corridor will be evaluated and supported with the following goals:

  • Speeding up supply chains and freight transport through the digitalisation an interconnection of processes;
  • Improving data quality and the interconnection of Systems (B2B, B2A) within supply chains;
  • Supporting the implementation of ICT systems to improve efficiency along freight corridors.

Actions and opportunities:

  • strengthening Baltic-Adriatic Corridor through electronic support systems and information;
  • exchange linking nodes along rail-corridors customs corridors on transnational rail-freight relations support as a participant in the overall FENIX activities to observe, review and bring in requirements, expertise, data and evaluations regarding the pilot activity in context to the FENIX framework;
  • evaluation state of the art regarding data systems, data standards, regulatory framework;
  • active stakeholder-management within the pilot area; and
  • implementation support, monitoring and impact assessment of a prototypical service requirements analysis and recommendations for scale-up and roll-out scenarios.


Partners involved: ECONSULT, Logistics Centre Austria South

TEN-T corridors: Baltic-Adriatic Corridor Baltic-Adriatic + Villach + linking nodes +  services e.g. customs corridor + information exchange systems