Pilot site Belgium 2

Multimodal inland Hub-Procter & Gamble-Mechelen-Willebroek pilot site(Be)


P&G Europe manufactures most of its products in about 30 different manufacturing locations. These plants do receive some starting materials from outside Europe and do ship part of the manufactured goods to countries outside of Europe. In FP7 project Core, for example P&G tested and validated visibility solutions for its flows to General Distributors Markets outside of Europe. The central physical hub for these flows is Mechelen-Willebroek in Belgium. Specifically the vast majority of containers flows in and out of Europe are handled at the IWW hub of TCT in Willebroek, an inland hub connected to the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Zeebrugge. It is also important to note that currently the main flows to/from the UK are managed through the P&O service Zeebrugge-Tilbury located only a few miles away from P&G main distribution site in the UK in West Turrock and pending Brexit, this lane may be heavily disrupted. Last but not least the leadership of the totality of the P&G import export operation is managed out of Belgium In P&G Mechelen site, and all the innovation projects leadership sits in the Brussels Innovation Center site.

The lead freight forwarder P&G is taking along in FENIX to implement the new solutions in the living lab is OIA, but the plan is to extend the solution to the whole of the freight forwarders community serving P&G Business (e.g. K+N, DAMCO, DB Schenker). The P&G Tilot site will build on work done on visibility in CORE project, eventually subcontracting some tasks to the lead provider of visibility services there identified (OCEAN INSIGHTS). The aim will also to demonstrate in the P&G case the implementation of the following solutions relevant to the P&G business case:

Actions & opportunities

Key multimodal services:

ETA: visibility application

CO2 and NOx: B2B Emissions accounting (GLEC Framework)

eCMR/EFTI: DTLF Innovation Implementation

Mutlimodal route planning: (tested by OIA with revised SLA)

Track & trace vehicle/shipment: OIA to manage transport, P&G only for ETA and deviations

Dangerous goods/eCall/EGNOS/Galileo: Identified pain point of current process

B2A, A2B services like customs: Exist by MS, not unified yet

PEPPOL/procurement, e-signature, ebill: focal point for Internal Controls & automatic validation

Data analytics: for the import export management in Mechelen

Partners involved:

K+N, DAMCO, DB Schenker (rail+road+inland waterway+maritime)

TEN-T corridors: MOS+ North Sea- Mediterranean + ScanMed (visibility-e-documentation)