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The waiting times for freight delivery or pick-up by trucking companies at the Brussels cargo’s ground handling agents’ premises appears to be one of the biggest bottlenecks. Today, there is no standard procedure to support the process of slot bookings, which results in inefficiencies. All information exchange is done manually, via email or phone. Mismatching in supply and demand, waiting times and inefficient staff planning results in spillage of resources for all stakeholders.

This deployment will optimise the ground handlers planning for pick-up and deliver freight.

 The current pick-up and delivery process result in:

  • Idle times: Trucking companies sometimes need to wait for hours at the truck parking before they can pick or deliver freight
  • No transparency: No transparency which trucking company will pick-up or deliver freight, resulting in a reactive approach at the GHA and operational inefficiencies
  • No information exchange between partners

The proposed use cases will allow more data exchange between trucking companies and ground handling agents, which will lead to optimization of the current process. 

 Actions & opportunities

 The Pilot site can be extended with more members when there is interest of a certain partner and will focus on the following Use Cases:

  • Reservation of time slot to deliver or pick-up for Road services
  • Integration track and trace tools/blackboxes trucking companies à update ETA at BRUcargo
  • Elimination waiting times for trucking companies at ground handling facilities
  • Better capacity management ground handling agents
  • Access to parking or specific area at BRUcargo
  • Integration with driver security check at ground handling agent facilities

 Partners involved:

  • Jan De Rijk (Trucking Company)
  • H.Essers (Trucking Company)
  • Aviapartner (Ground Handling Agent)
  • WFS (Ground Handling Agent)

TEN-T corridors: Rhine-Alpine