Pilot site Holland (South Holland)

Smart multimodal pilot site (LOUVIN)

The multimodal goods transport service is delivered to shippers by supply chain organisations of forwarders (Logistics operator), carriers (road, rail, water transport operators) and cargo handling operators (terminals) under one contract.

The rail mode will provide the long haul transport for distances over 300 km. The multimodal transport often starts in the sea ports for providing the hinterland of their goods in an efficient and sustainable way. The proposed pilot site will introduce digitalization for the “door-to-door” multimodal goods: transport operations in Europe with the aim that forwarders can offer a transport service to shippers which will be more attractive and competitive. Especially the long haul transport will be provided via rail. The reinforced multimodal transport supply chain will contribute to the policy of the EC and especially for a modal shift from road to rail.

Actions & opportunities.The objectives of the pilot site are:

  • a digitalized information flow via a common digital information federated architecture for “door-to-door” multimodal goods transport operations in Europe. Forming supply chain for the desired delivery of transport services
  • a seamless cooperation of forwarders, carriers and terminals as key actors in the supply chain to deliver multimodal goods transport services as planned.
  • automatic exchange of information between key actors in the supply chain process during transport operations.

Partners involved:

Netherlands: SFT Partners, A2B-online, GVT, RRF, Distrirail, HUPAC Intermodal, Raben-Group

Belgium: H.Essers, Port of Antwerp, UIRR, ESC

Luxembourg: CFL-mm

Germany: TX Logistik, OHB-teledata, FH Aachen

CH: HUPAC, SBB Cargo Int

Italy: Interportos CIM(Novara), SITO (Turino), Bolgna, Rail Hub Europe (Rivalta-Tortona), Mercitalia Intermodal (Milano)

TEN-T corridors: Rhine-Alpine & North Sea Baltic corridors. Location: Gelderland, Zuid Holland