Pilot site Italy 2

The Italian Rhine Alpine pilot site – Dynamic Synchromodal Logistic Modules – A toolset for an efficient and sustainable multimodal logistic planning and operations to support and overcome infrastructural deficit


The overall aim of the Pilot Site is to provide maritime, logistic and transport operators of the Italian north west regions of several tools to optimise their planning and their real time operation in order to have an effective and sustainable use of whole north west infrastructure (in the 3 regions of Liguria, Piedmont and Lombardy) and to cope with the actual infrastructural deficit due to the collapse of the Morandi bridge. A specific focus will be on implementation on the Rhine Alpine Corridor. All the tools will be furtherly exploited in term of logistic optimisation even when the new bridge will be available (probably not before 2021).

Actions & opportunities

The Rhine Alpine Pilot Site will deal with the following Use Cases:

Multimodal route planning, Load Optimization, Syncromodality, Reduction of CO2 & NOx emission,  Dangerous goods, Safety amd eCustom,  B2A /A2B.

Partners involved:

  • Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport (Ministry)
  • Circle SPA (innovation and internationalization agency)
  • LINKS Foundation 
  • Società per Azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali S.E.A (Milan airports management company)
  • Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (University)

In particular, the Rhine Alpine Pilot Site is composed of a mixed pool of public and private actors such as the main core partner group:

  • Moreover the 3 North West Italian Regions (Liguria Piedmont and Lombardy) and Uniontrasporti will have the role of governance of the pilot in order to cover all the national and regional strategies and to engage all the needed actors (those actors will be associated partner to the Rhine Alpine Corridor GECT, Implementing Bodies of the Italian Ministry of Transport or external Stakeholders).
    • A broad range of actors that will contribute as implementing bodies / supporters such as: the Port Authority, the Municipality of Genoa, a set of multimodal logistic and transport operators (port and inland terminals, rail and road operators, airlines companies, air Cargo companies, aircraft ground handling services, others), the Italian Customs Agency, CIELI – Centre of Excellence for Integrated transport and logistic, Politecnico di Torino, Public Authorities: ARPA Lombardia, Agenzia delle Dogane, Italian Ministry of Health, Comuni del CUV, ENAC, ENAV

TEN-T corridor: EU corridor Rhine Alpine.