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All TEN-T corridors and multimodal Pilot Site (Slovakia)


Mondelez is a global snacking powerhouse with market presence in almost every country worldwide. The Mondelez Europe (MEU) has headquarters in Zurich (CH) and its international inbound transport control and optimisation operation is based in Bratislava (SK), named Load Control Center (LCC). LCC has more than 10 years experience in pan-European cross border transportation with focus on the finished goods transportation management from production plants to warehouses. LCC’s operational scope covers the whole continent from Ireland to Russia, from Finland to Greece and Turkey and extensively use all the 9 TEN-T core network corridors. The LCC team is operating across all the 9 TEN-T corridors as follows;

  • Central Europe ( “central” on the map)
  • South Europe (“south” on the map)
  • North Europe (“north” on the map)
  • Russia and Eastern Europe (“RU & EE” on the map).

Actions and opportunities

Mondelez is planning to implement in FENIX the following use cases:

  • inbound finish goods deliveries from plants to warehouses in the LCC
  • integrate Raw&Pack material (RMP) transport in the LCC
  • integrate multimodal services in the LCC
  • outbound customer delivery operation based on a pre-planning process for all transports
  • improve the direct plant shipment (DPS) deliveries
  • freight billing for all transports

Partners involved: Mondelez subsidiaries

TEN-T corridors: All 9 TEN-T corridors