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Mediterranean and Baltic-Adriatic and the Motorway of the Sea of South-east -The Trieste Pilot Site

The Trieste pilot site will operate as a Living Lab, with all the Implementing Bodies collaborating in a systematic co-creation approach and integrated innovation and research processes. These are organically integrated in real use cases that involve user communities as sources of creation. The Living Lab covers all the phases of the project, from the research and development to its implementation and validation.

The Trieste pilot site will contribute to the federation IT platform with AEOLIX platform, developed within the H2020 project, of which Trieste has already been Living Lab, acquiring experience and ability to work in collaboration with European partners.

Furthermore, the software house Infoera, partner of the Trieste Living Lab, has developed the PCS software Sinfomar, currently used by Trieste Port Authority and many other local logistic operators.

Actions & opportunities

The Trieste Pilot Site will focus on the following Use Cases:

Expected time of arrival (ETA), Reduction of CO2 & NOx emission, Multimodal route planning, Track & trace vehicle/shipment, Dangerous goods/eCall EGNOS/Galileo, TM2.0 for multimodality, Parking booking service, B2A, A2B services like customs.

Partners involved:

  • Autovie Venete (Road Infrastructure operator)
  • Polytechnic University of Bari (University)
  • Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports (Ministry)
  • Interporto Trieste, Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea (Port Authority)
  • Adria Intermodale srlu (Logistic company)
  • Codognotto Italia spa, Matras Logistica srl (Freight & Transport operators)
  • era srl, DBA Lab spa, Pluservice srl, SWARCO Mizar srl (Software houses)

TEN-T corridors: EU Corridors Mediterranean and Baltic-Adriatic and the Motorway of the Sea of South-east Europe