On 8 February 2023, FENIX will host public authorities, institutional representatives and business representatives at P&G’s InQbet Campus in Grimbergen, near Brussels, at an open-doors event before the project finishes its four-year journey at the end of March. The FENIX consortium will use the opportunity to showcase the project’s results and achievements at their eleven pilot sites.

Rise of the FENIX project

The relevance and achievements of FENIX cannot be overstated. It contributes directly to: 1) the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) goals through interoperability and standardisation of data sharing tools; and 2) responding to the constraints of the current global supply chains through enhanced and standardised data sharing instruments.

FENIX is a flagship project that was conceived as a result of the European Commission’s (EC’s) Digital Transport and Logistic Forum (DTLF) recommendations. The EC was aiming to create a viable and valid federative network of platforms as an enabler for Business to Administration (B2A) and Business to Business (B2B) data exchange and sharing by transport and logistics operators. FENIX’s mission was to close the gap created by the fragmentation in application of ICT-based transport solutions and the lack of interoperable digital tools.

Since March 2019, the FENIX consortium has been conducting research on data sharing in the logistics sector, aimed at facilitating supply chain operations in different scenarios and environments. The work centred on the key objectives towards digitalisation and standardisation of data exchange platforms with the goal to support the transition to seamless data sharing. The features developed were tested in eleven pilot sites, which are integrated in nine European TEN-T corridors. The results obtained will help the European logistics community to enhance the use of digital solutions at the disposal of logistics actors in various scenarios, thus improving the whole supply chain’s functioning.

The final event and a new start

The final event next February will be chaired by Sergio Barbarino, Research Fellow at Procter & Gamble, and include an introductory speech by the P&G Vice President. A number of other high-level representatives and decision makers will be in attendance including: Szymon Oscislowski, Deputy Head of Unit of DG MOVE Unit D1,  who will give his overview of the project;  representatives from the Italian and Greek Transport Ministries; and the Officer for Europe from the United Nations Economic Commission, who will also address the gathering. Dr Eusebiu Catana, Senior Manager of Innovation & Deployment at ERTICO and the Project Coordinator of the FENIX Project, will present the project’s main features and most representative achievements.

The attendees will be invited to witness a demonstration of the operational feasibility and benefits of interoperability that FENIX has explored over the past months.

The event will also mark the launch of FENIX2.0, which take the accomplishments of FENIX into the next phase. Here, the focus will be on expanding the international outreach of the project through the use cases and standards developed in FENIX.

“FENIX has contributed to improving the functioning of the European logistics systems in terms of the interoperability of tools and platforms. This contribution is especially significant in our present time when the supply chain and the logistics sector have been facing problems around the globe. We look forward to successfully concluding the project and continuing to the next phase so that everyone in the logistics supply chain can benefit from interoperable solutions that lead to efficiency gains, costs reduction and a reduction in greenhouse gasses”, Dr Catana recently stated.

Practical information

The final event venue has the capacity to host a large number of attendees. The event is open to interested parties, involved to different degrees in the definition of the future of the European logistics sector.

The draft agenda of the event is available and is expected to attract the attention of many different stakeholders.

Registration is required for participation in the event. Secure your spot following this link.

Partners and stakeholders are encouraged to share the details of the event and ERTICO’s contact persons:

Project coordinator – Eusebiu Catana e.catana@mail.ertico.com

Dimitrios Vovolis – Support Manager d.vovolis@mail.ertico.com

Gianmarco Donolato – Communications Officer g.donolato@mail.ertico.com