ERTICO – ITS Europe, represented by Dr Eusebiu Catana, FENIX coordinator, has been honoured with the prestigious Innovation Award for Data Sharing and Data Transformation at the 2023 Industry Awards on 20 December! This was proposed by the Transport & Logistics Industry for development and breakthroughs in the realm of data-sharing solutions and efficient exchange of information.

The ceremony was organised  in Brussels and the chairman was Mr. Torsten Klimke, Head of Unit B3 Innovation and Research at the European Commission’s DG MOVE.

“Data sharing is a key enabler, fundamental for optimising operations, improving safety, and enhancing the overall effectiveness of mobility, transport, optimisation of electromobility, urban mobility, smart cities and logistics systems. It enables better decision-making, resource utilisation, enhances resource management, fosters innovation in urban planning and development and collaboration among various stakeholders in these sectors,” says Dr Eusebiu Catana. “Data sharing plays an essential role in the fields of mobility, transport, and logistics, providing several key benefits for efficiency, safety, and overall improvement of service. It is integral to the successful deployment and operation of various technologies, including 5G, AI, Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility, and autonomous driving.”