FENIX was once again in the spotlight as a successful example of digitalisation applied to logistics. At the ONE DAY TRUCK & LOGISTICS event, ERTICO Deputy Director of I&D Zeljko Jeftic explained how FENIX can help make transport and logistics meet today’s challenges for a greener and more efficient service.

Efficiency and accuracy are not the only targets that are expected to be met by the transport and logistics sector. With Europe’s long term strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the logistics field is today required to do its part.

“Starting today, we need to look more at electrification and automation, which are factors that can surely make transport greener, and one thing that is going to connect all these elements is digitalisation, which is going to help us optimise all of the transport on the logistics side.”, said ERTICO Deputy Director of I&D Zeljko Jeftic. FENIX was presented as a concrete example of action which is making this happen.

“FENIX can help meet these targets. Just recently, the project has contributed to connecting even more the ports of La Spezia and Casablanca through digitalisation in logistics, allowing the exchange of data among all players involved in the Trade Lane and fostering the interoperability of the information systems of the two ports.”, he concluded.

This example definitely showed the importance for transport and logistics operators to become more digital and adopt technologies, such as e-CMR, to meet today’s societal needs and challenges.