FENIX to host its final public event on 8th February 2023

Procter and Gamble Brussels Innovation Center 100 Temselaan, Grimbergen

On 8 February 2023, FENIX will host public authorities, institutional representatives and business representatives at P&G’s InQbet Campus in Grimbergen, near Brussels, at an open-doors event before the project finishes its four-year journey in March. The FENIX consortium will use the opportunity to showcase the project’s results and achievements at their eleven pilot sites.

FENIX achievements on standardisation at ERTICO’s Focus On event

COMET Place Stéphanie 20, Brussels

Dr Eusebiu Catana, Project Coordinator, will be one of the panellists at ERTICO's Focus On event on Mobility Standards. He will speak during the Panel 2: Standards & legacy.   The occasion will be useful to showcase the results related to standardisation obtained in FENIX and 5G-LOGINNOV. This important result has been one of the...